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In 25 min at your door


Lock opened without damage


Reliable 24/7 service


Professional locksmiths

Emergency Service

tel: 020 2615670

We open doors when:

✓ Left your keys inside ?
✓ Key on the inside of the door ?
✓ Broken key ? 
✓ Locked out ? 
✓ Lost your keys ?

020 2615670

Emergency Service

Your key is lost or someone broke into your property. We are the skilled, reliable locksmiths you need for a solution.

  • Door open without damage
  • Installation of new locks
  • Lock repair
  • Car unlocking

Burglary Prevention

We also provide expert advise in the field of anti burglary measures. We only work with SKG certified locks!

Emergency Services

Doors opened


Locks damage free opened


Happy clients

Locksmith Amsterdam

Locksmith Amsterdam is the cheapest locksmith who is specialized in opening locks without damaging

Lost your keys? Did you leave the keys inside? Or is the key broken off in your slot? Our professional technicians can quickly help your home within a fixed low price. In other locksmith the price runs before opening your door as the mechanic is working longer.

In addition to opening your door, where we charge a fixed price, we also offer other services.

Call us now 020 2615670 for the cheapest locksmith in Amsterdam.